The Remote Associates Test uses language stimuli to measure creativity. As it would be interesting to have a test which could be given in two different modalities, we started work towards a visual variant of the (compound) Remote Associates Test.

We constructed a set of visual queries which as a researcher you can obtain by contacting us. Here are two queries which we use to explain the task:

Example 1 - what could these objects have in common? Answer: Hand

Example 2 - what could these objects have in common? Answer: Water

A variant of comRAT, comRAT-V, can answer these queries. comRAT-V uses visual associates to attempt to answer these queries. See comRAT-V in action below:

For more details, read the paper:

  • Oltețeanu, Ana-Maria, Gautam Bibek and Falomir, Zoe - Towards a Visual Remote Associates Test and its Computational Solver, in: Proceedings of the International Workshop of Artificial Intelligence and Cognition – AIC 2015, CEUR-Ws Vol. 1510, ISSN:1613-0073, url

Other references

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